Executive and Event Chairs

The Lovers

Meet the people in charge

President: Keila Hebert
Vice President: Sheryll O’Hanley
Past President: Michelle Murphy
Secretary: Jessica MacDonald
Treasurer: Rita MacKenzie

Event Chairs :

Brochure – Keila Hebert
Bingo – Myretta Farrell
Brunch – UCW
Children’s Day – Holly Studzinski
Decorations – Craig Campbell
Dance (Friday) – Evelyn MacKenzie
Dance (Saturday) – Michelle Burge
Dance (Teen) – Edna Miller
Golf & Operations – Kenny MacDonald
Family Movie – Courthouse Theatre
Parade – Sheryl O’Hanley
Parks Canada – Linda Lavoie
Progressive 45s – Jan Barnes
Park Activities – Michelle Murphy
Tellers – Evelyn MacKenzie
Trivia (Adult) – Blueberry Committee
50/50 – Siri Wood
Yard Sale – Keila Hebert